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Retractable Awnings in Montreal, South Shore and the Estrie region

La Maison de l'Auvent offers a wide selection of retractable awnings in Montreal, the South Shore and the Estrie Region for your residential and commercial needs.

Monobloc 1440V

Thanks to it's adjustable incline, the Monobloc 1440V retractable awning allows you to create a convivial space sheltered from the sun by modifying the incline, allowing a multitude of different configurations according to your needs.


The Canard retractable awning has the same characteristics as the Monobloc 1440V, with the addition of aluminum to add superior protection from the elements.

Monobloc 1440V

Allowing the possibility of covering an area up to 34 feet wide and 13 feet deep, the Monobloc 600 retractable awning is made from high quality components that offer superior resistance.

Affordable quality

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