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Quality awnings in Granby

Summer is just around the corner and you’re looking for the perfect commercial awning to keep your customers cool and sheltered from the sun? Look no further than La Maison de l’Auvent, your number one choice for commercial and residential awnings in Granby. A family-run business specialized in landscape design since 2010, we quickly made a name for ourselves thanks to our excellent service, superior products and competitive prices.

We have a wide selection of awnings for sale including retractable awnings, motorized awnings, patio awnings and much more! Our specialists will gladly meet you at your home or business in order to recommend the awning best suited to your needs and budget.

You can’t find what you’re looking for, or you have something very specific in mind? Our highly-experienced team can create custom awnings tailored to your exact specifications.

For superior quality awnings in Granby, trust La Maison de l’Auvent. Contact us today for a free quote!

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